Sea Kayak Sailing

Have you always dreamed of learning to sail? Imagine gliding through the crystal clear and warm waters of Fuerteventura with only the wind propelling you forward. Well, this is possible now with us. We have excellent conditions here in Corralejo to run our sea kayak sailing courses and trips.

We are proud of being the first sea kayaking center in Spain introducing sea kayak sailing as a coached/guided activity.

Sailing your kayak is a new development within the sport here in Europe. We will use P&H sails and rigs on P&H Cetus (MV/LV) and Aries (155/150) kayaks. Palm PFD’s and Celtic Carbon Blade paddles. Top notch equipment.

Sea kayak sailing really enhances not only the overall paddling experience, but also safety. Adds also a lot of excitement!! The exposure of paddling along coastlines with less frequent safe landings is reduced when sailing. Also makes it easier to get your kayak planning in swell and tidal races. Of course, also allows for rolling and paddling in dynamic conditions.

Sea Kayak Sailing Introductory Course

This course is designed for those paddlers who have the skills to control the kayak efficiently in F4 wind conditions.

Sea Kayak Sailing Trips

Only for experienced paddlers in F4 wind conditions.

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