Lobos Island Kayak & Snorkel Excursion

Probably one of the best sea kayaking trips you can experience in Spain and the Canary Islands. You will enjoy outstanding scenic landscapes that you will never forget. A proper open water crossing over to Lobos National Park that will make you feel as if you are part of the ocean. Only when sea kayaking can you get this feeling. You will paddle through 4 kms of clear waters to get to Lobos island where sometimes sting rays and loggerhead turtles can be spotted on the sandy bottom and surface. Cory’s shearwater and seagulls flying around. No engines, no noise, no crowds around. Just you, the blue Atlantic Ocean and your paddling cadence to reach the island and take in the impressive volcanic landscape all around that will hypnotize your mind. Forget overcrowded boat trips and join us!!

Once you arrive to Lobos Island, you can see and experience the spectacular crystal clear waters. Then a guided tour around the island to see the most interesting places awaits you. Our guide Jorge is an Environmental Technician and will explain everything about geology, fauna and flora.

After some sightseeing you can then snorkel in the turquoise blue waters; the island is one of the best places in the Canary Islands for this activity. Snorkelling tuition is given if required, and the guide will explain all the different species of fish by showing an information sheet.

A light lunch will be provided after the snorkelling, and then you return to the ocean to paddle back over to Corralejo.

We’re pretty sure that this trip will be the highlight of your stay in Fuerteventura, and you will have great memories and pictures of Lobos Island National Park.

A new law limiting to 200 simultaneous visitors in the island has been introduced recently. To comply with the permitted capacity the corporation has established an online system to obtain the authorization. Kayak Fuerteventura includes the management to get the authorization.

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