Sea Kayaking Courses

We have excellent conditions in Corralejo for sea kayaking coaching. The water is warm and very clear, so we do not need dry suits at all. One of the best places for sea kayaking courses in Europe due to his fantastic weather and location. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced paddler, we can offer customised kayak courses tailored to your needs. We have a variety of sea kayaks and paddles, also a good range of conditions. There are sheltered places to achieve fine stroke techniques and excellent surf and rough waters for our advanced courses. Also tidal currents up to 3 knots on spring tides between Lobos Island and Corralejo.

As our courses are very personalized for each paddler, you can ask for any particular areas that you feel weak in and we can concentrate on those. Also if you’re training for any BCU assessment, we can help you on any aspect you may need such as rolling, group positioning, safety, leadership and group skills, rescue skills, finding your position on a map and coastal or open water navigation trip planning.

Apart from the customised courses, we can also propose a few courses with a specific content for groups with the same level or those who want to know exactly which are the main contents for the different level courses.

Jorge Echávarri will be running all the coaching sessions. He has completed the BCU Level 2 Coach training and will be a Level 2 Coach shortly. Also has the highest coaching qualification in Spain (RFEP Guia de Kayak de Mar).

Introductory Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course

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