9 December 2016

Flying to fuerteventura

Cheap flights to Fuerteventura

Flying to Fuerteventura has never been so easy and cheap!!!

In this post you’ll find some information that will make easier booking your flights.

Normally people contact us for availability before booking their flights. This is the best option. This way you’ll make sure we have availability for you. We’ll give you a prompt reply so you can book your flights as quick as possible.

There´s many low cost companies operating from Fuerteventura (Ryanair, Monarch air, Easy Jet, Jet2, Air Berlin, Norwegian air, etc), that probably most of you will know.

But also there are many more. To make things easier for you, on the link below you’ll find all the companies operating from/to Fuerteventura airport.


We are confident that most of you will know flight comparison websites. In case you don´t, below you’ll find some of the most effective ones.

It´s the easiest way to check if you have a direct flight to Fuerteventura close to you.





We hope that you find this information useful to organise your flights to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

We also can give you information about cheap accomodations in Corralejo. There are plenty of hostels for solo travellers, and great hotels for those who don´t mind to spend more money.

We hope that you have a nice journey to warm and sunny Fuerteventura.

We are pretty sure that you’ll never forget our kayak & snorkelling excursions and trips in Corralejo and Lobos Island.


Flying to fuerteventura

Cheap flights to Fuerteventura

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