BCU Week

We are offering 3 Star Sea Kayak Training and Assessment and Sea Leader (old 4 Star) Training and Assessment including CNTP.


October 2107

3 star Training 9-11

3 star Assessment 12-13

Link BCU 3 Star Syllabus

Sea Leader (old 4 star) Training 16-19 (including CNTP).

Sea Leader assessment 19-20.

Link BCU 4 Star Syllabus

We enjoy great conditions in Fuerteventura to run BCU assessments. We guarantee 4 star conditions in the island, so you can be sure that your assessment will be done.

Weather during October is fantastic here. You will not need a drysuit. Normally a rash vest is enough. For those windy days, a short sleeve jacket.

Water temp: 23ºc, Air temp 24ºc

The BC Courses will be run by BC coaches Ian Bowler and Steve Banks.

Additional training days can be arranged if required.

Fees for all courses are 100 euros a day and cover any transport, boats, PFD’s, spraydecks, paddles. BC fees are in addition to the course fees. Check out Corralejo and Isla de Lobos National Park, El Cotillo and Pozo Negro area. Probably assessment venues.

Boats available:

P&H range: Delphin Corelite X 155, Aries 150, Aries 155, Scorpio MV, Scorpio LV Corelite, Cetus MV, Cetus LV.

Valley range: Aquanaut LV, Avocet.

Perception range: Essence 17’.

Rainbow: Laser 17’.

Paddles: Celtic Carbon blade (600,650,700,750).

Accomodation in Corralejo is very cheap. There are hostels from 15€ per night sharing room. Don´t hesitate to contact us, we can help you with the bookings.

There´s plenty of activities in Corralejo to suit those ones that are not taking part in trainings or assessments. Fuerteventura is a perfect place to bring your partner while you are in the water. They can join our day trips if they want to paddle, or try a surfing course for example. We can help with those bookings as well.