BC Week | Kayak Fuerteventura

We are offering Sea Kayak Award (old 3 star) Training and Assessment.


- February 2020 (14/15/16)

This BC award (very similar to old 3 star) will develop your skills and ability to apply appropriate decision making for an enjoyable and safe day out on the sea.

We are delivering our course over a 3 day period including assessment, which should be sufficient time to accommodate all of the award content. Also you can book for some extra training days and also join our day trips to stunning locations here in Fuerteventura while you are here. There is plenty of activities to be done in Corralejo for travel companion while you are on the water as well.

You will be confident in planning and undertaking journeys on the sea, in winds up to and including force 3 and/or tides up to 1 Knot, in tidal or non-tidal environments, with proficient skills to be in control throughout.

You will find further information about this award on the link below

Fuerteventura is a perfect location offering a fantastic warm weather during wintertime. Water temperature in February is 18ºC.

Price: 290€. All equipment provided including P&H or NDK composite boats, celtic carbon blade paddles, piick up/drop off in Corralejo. Not included certificate taxes.

For bookings and more info: bookings@kayakfuerteventura.com

Boats available:

- NDK range: Romany classic, Romany Surf, Pilgrim, Pilgrim Exp, Sportive.

- P&H range: Delphin Corelite X 155, Aries 150, Aries 155, Scorpio MV, Scorpio LV Corelite, Cetus MV, Cetus LV.

- Valley range: Aquanaut LV, Avocet.

- Perception range: Essence 17’.

- Rainbow: Laser 17’.


- Celtic Carbon blade (600,650,700,750).

Accomodation in Corralejo is very cheap. There are hostels from 15€ per night sharing room. Don´t hesitate to contact us, we can help you with the bookings.

There´s plenty of activities in Corralejo to suit those ones that are not taking part in trainings or assessments. Fuerteventura is a perfect place to bring your partner while you are in the water. They can join our day trips if they want to paddle, or try a surfing course for example. We can help with those bookings as well.